Got Questions? Get Answers!

Do you have questions about becoming a truck driver?

  • Not sure what those questions are?

  • Want some help figuring them out?

  • What do you need to know to ask the ‘right’ questions of CDL school recruiters?

  • How about the company recruiters and their sometimes ‘off the wall’ tactics?

  • Not sure you want to spend the time, money and energy becoming a truck driver?

As a woman who was an over-the-road truck driver, I wish I had been better prepared for what lay ahead of me.  I was somewhat fortunate, in that I had an older brother who was a truck driver.  He clued me in to a lot of things so I wasn’t competely in the dark. Still, I wish I had known a lot of the information I would like to share you.

Although some of the questions I overheard others ask, most I gained from just driving all over this beautiful country asking questions and listening to other drivers. I was a single driver who worked my way up to being a trainer.  Some of these questions and answers are from the trainees I had the privilege of training. They knew they had a lot to learn and ‘picked’ my brain. I freely shared with them what I knew and I would like to share the same information with you.  Hopefully, this information will better prepare you to make an informed decision about your future in/out of trucking.

I have a list of questions and answers I would like you to have that, hopefully, will assist you in deciding whether trucking is for you.  As I have stated, being a truck driver is hard demanding work. It is definitely not for everyone. If you decide it is for you, great. If not, at least you will have the opportunity to learn about truck driving and know that your decision was based on your knowledge and the experience of a woman driver who has “been there-done that”.

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