About Me

I am a farm kid from the Ozarks in southern Missouri.  I learned to drive a tractor when I was about 10.  I was to short to reach the brakes or the clutch so I used the steering wheel to pull myself down the seat brace to stop or change gears. It was “interesting”.

I grew up, went to college, got a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and went into addictions counseling. I started driving a truck after I had my Masters  Degree in Counseling and Psychology for a few years. I found I could no longer tolerate the ‘it ain’t my fault and  someone else has to do this for me’ mentality from some of my clients. They had a thousand excuses as to why they could not get clean and sober. They just could not accept responsibility for their disease and recovery.  It was almost like I wanted their sobriety more than they did.  That was not good for them or for me so I decided it was time for me to move on to something else.

I went to a trucking company sponsored school, got my CDL, and drove for more years than I was in the counseling field.  I found I loved it. I could talk to others if I wanted or I could leave the cb off and listen to the radio, cd’s or just enjoy the quiet.  It was great.

I have driven a bigrig for nearly 20 years.  As a result of something I have no control over, I can no longer drive a big truck.  One of my passions is seeing big truck drivers drive more and more safely.  The rate of accidents when I started out was about 3%.  This 3% was the result of truck drivers being responsible for the accident.  Today it is well over 50%.

I believe part of this is due to drivers being unaware of their actions and the consequences thereof.  Another part is, (can’t put this very nicely) some drivers not being smart in their driving.  They act STUPID!!  They follow to close, called tailgating, they don’t use signals before they change lanes, they cut other trucks and cars off, they think the inside drive tire is to be on the dotted line no matter what lane they are supposed to be in, and, some seem to  think they are driving a small car on the race track at Indy.

I know there are a lot of safe drivers out there also.  God bless them.  I also know there are people, both men and women, who are thinking of becoming a truck driver. I have written a 5 page report with a lot of the questions I have had asked of me and others over my years driving. It is yours for the asking.

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