Welcome to the Truckin Safety Blog

I am glad you are here. This blog is about the trucking industry.  Specifically, it is about what you may want to know before you make the final decision on becoming a truck driver.

I am a former over-the-road truck driver with nearly twenty (20) years experience.  I am one of the many women who drove a truck solo all over this beautiful country. I have driven in every major city and in all the lower forty-eight (48) states.

I can no longer drive because of health issues over which I have no control. One of my passions is making sure that those who really want to learn to drive a big truck will do so and those who are unsure if this is the way they really want to go will have an opportunity to find out if this it.  Driving a truck is a high stress, lonely at times, hard, demanding  job.  It ain’t no  nine to five Monday through Friday job.  It is 24/7-365 regardless of the weather or anything else that might be happening at the time.

Some of us drive for the love of driving, the adventure and a million other reasons.  We may or may not be able to tell you exactly what those reasons were.  We just did it.  Most of us love it an a few hate it.  Those who hate it usually don’t last very long for obvious reasons. The ones who love it are sometimes pulled kicking and screaming out of the truck (that’s me).

I have a list of questions and answers I would like you to think about, that, hopefully, will assist you in deciding whether trucking is for you. Being a truck driver really is hard, demanding work.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  It is definitely not for everyone. If you decide it is for you, great. Welcome to the world of trucking.  If not, at least you will have had the opportunity to know that your decision was based on the knowledge you gained from this and other websites and the first hand experience of a woman driver who has “been there-done that”.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best.